Images and Sound

Tuesday, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Session Chair: Ching-chih Chen

Windowing Time in Digital Libraries

Michael G. Christel

Concept Maps to Support Oral History Search and Use

Ryen W. White, Hyunyong Song, Jay Liu

Review Mining for Digital Libraries: Phase II

J. Stephen Downie Xiao Hu

Looking for a picture: an analysis of everyday image information searching

Sally Jo Cunningham, Masood Masoodian

Image-based Evaluation of Video-acquired Research Skills

Unmil P. Karadkar, Marlo Nordt, Richard Furuta, Cody Lee, Christopher Quick

Facilitating Access to Large Digital Oral History Archives through Informedia Technologies

Michael G. Christel, Julieanna Richardson, Howard D. Wactlar