Visualization for Libraries

Monday, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Session Chair: Mike Christel

Exploring Digital Libraries: Integrating Browsing, Searching and Visualization

Rao Shen, Naga Srinivas Vemuri, Weiguo Fan and Edward A. Fox

A Mixed-Initiative System for Representing Collections as Compositions of Image and Text Surrogates

Andruid Kerne, Eunyee Koh, Blake Dworaczyk, J. Michael Mistrot, Hyun Choi, Steven M. Smith, Ross Graeber, Daniel Caruso, Andrew Webb, Rodney Hill, Joel Albea

InfoGallery: Informative Arts Services for Physical Library Spaces

Kaj Gronbaek, Anne Rohde, BalaSuthas Sundararajah, Sidsel Bech-Pedersen