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Wireless Access

UNC Information Technology Services will be providing open wireless access for the main conference location (Medical Biomolecular Research Building - MBRB), as well as for a number of workshops. UNC is like any other college campus, however - wireless access in most places requires a UNC login. Please plan accordingly.

In the main conference location (MBRB) there will be both wireless and wireline access. It is recommended that you bring an ethernet cable if you’re going to have serious bandwidth needs. There will be 3 access points in the room, but with 450 attendees, these access points could easily be swamped from time to time. To avoid this problem, bring an ethernet cable and plug in (each chair has a jack).

The SSID for public wireless is “Tar-Heel”, and there is no WEP key.

On June 15, the following rooms will have public wireless access (similar to MBRB). These rooms are:

  • Health Science Library Room 527
  • Health Science Library Lab 307
  • RB House Undergraduate Library Room 207
  • RB House Undergraduate Library Room 205
  • Manning Hall Room 208

If you need wireless access to the UNC campus outside these spaces and times, it can be provided. You’ll need to email Fred Stutzman (fred@metalab.unc.edu) with your name, affiliation, reason for access, and the MAC address of your wireless card.

If you run into any problems with the wireless, feel free to email Fred Stutzman (fred@metalab.unc.edu). We’ll probably man a station the first day of the conference to help people out with issues. As you can imagine, we’re only a liasion between you and the actual networking folks - so please understand as we may need to contact other folks to resolve problems you’re having.

If you are granted access to the UNC network outside of the standard conference locations, here are the steps you need to follow to configure your computer: Configuring your computer for access to the UNC wireless network. Please note - these instructions are only for people who have been granted special access.

Now, with regards to wireless access around Chapel Hill and Carrboro, there are plenty of open wireless spots. These websites should prove valuable:

If you’re staying in Durham or Raleigh, many coffee shops (particularly independent coffee shops) offer free wireless. If you go to that major chain, you’ll have to pay.