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Welcome to the JCDL 2006 Wiki! This is a space is available for attendees of JCDL 2006 to discuss the events at the conference, communicate with other attendees, and share their thoughts.

Social Events

Organizing a social event at the conference? Add the info here!

DSpace BOF Dinner (becoming lunch, actually) | DL-CUBA Workshop Dinner | Soccer: Germany-Poland | METS Post Workshop

Ride Sharing

RideSharing - Driving? Need a ride? Add it to the Ride Sharing page.

At the Conference

Wireless Access | Collaboration Center Demonstrations

Conference Sessions, Tutorials & Workshops

Interested in sharing information about conference sessions? Link to them here.


Making DSpace Your Own

Semantic Digital Libraries


Digital Curation and Trusted Repositories, Seeking Success

Digital Libraries in the Context of Users’ Broader Activities


Plenary Session

Chapel Hill

Attractions | Eating | Drinking

For Participants

Job Postings


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