AskDragon: A Redundancy-Based Factoid Question Answering System with Lightweight Local Context Analysis
Xiaohua Zhou Drexel University; Palakorn Achananuparp Drexel University; E.K. Park University of Missouri at Kansas City; Xiaohua Hu Drexel University


Knowledge Extraction and Integration for Semi-structural Information in Digital Libraries
Wenhao Zhu Zhejiang University; Baogang Wei Zhejiang University; Jiangqin Wu Zhejiang University; Shaomin Shi Zhejiang University; Yan Yang Zhejiang University


XEB: A Markup Language Document Container Format Suitable for Handheld Devices
Zhi Tang Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University; Liangcai Gao Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University; Aixia Jia Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University; Xiaofan Lin Vobile Inc.


Text Mining for Indexing
Judith Gelernter Carnegie-Mellon University; Michael Lesk Rutgers University


ContextMiner: Building Context-Rich Digital Collections
Chirag Shah University of North Carolina


A Curriculum Customization Service
Tamara Sumner University of Colorado at Boulder; Holly Devaul University Corp. for Atmospheric Research; Lynne Davis University Corp. for Atmospheric Research; John Weatherley University Corp. for Atmospheric Research


Accessing the Densho and HistoryMakers Oral History Collections via Informedia Technologies
Michael G. Christel Carnegie Mellon University; Robert V. Baron Carnegie Mellon University; Geoff Froh Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project; Dan Benson Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project; Julieanna Richardson The HistoryMakers


Mapping Life Events: Temporal and Geographic Context for Biographical Information
Ray R. Larson University of California, Berkeley


Virtual DL Poster Sessions in Second Life
Spencer Lee, Edward Fox, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA USA Department of Computer Science
Gary Marchionini, Javier Velasco, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill NC USA School of Information and Library Science
Gonçalo Antunes and José Borbinha, INESC-ID, Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Lisbon Portugal Information Systems Group


Our Americas Archive Partnership Demonstration
Geneva Henry Rice University; Monica Rivero Rice University


Using University Collections in Digital Library Education
Quinn Stewart University of Texas; David Todd Conservation History Association of Texas


An Ajax-based Digital Music Stand for Greenstone
David Bainbridge University of Waikato; Tim C. Bell University of Canterbury