Adaptive Personalized eLearning on top of existing LCMS
Naimdjon Takhirov Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Ingeborg T Solvberg Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Addressing Researchers' Needs through the Data Curation Profile Jake Carlson Purdue University; Deborah Leiter Purdue University
Analysis of Transaction Logs for Insights into Use of Life Oral Histories
Michael G. Christel Carnegie Mellon University; Bryan S. Maher Carnegie Mellon University; Huan Li BeiHang University
Analyzing OPAC Use with Screen Views and Eye Tracking
Emi Ishita Surugadai University; Shinji Mine Nagoya University; Masanori Koizumi Keio University; Yosuke Miyata Keio University; Chihiro Kunimoto Keio University; Junko Shiozaki Keio University; Keiko Kurata Keio University; Shuichi Ueda Keio University
Analyzing User's Book-loan Behaviors in Peking University Library from Social Network Perspective
Fei Yan Peking University; Ming Zhang Peking University; Tao Sun Peking University; Yang Lu Peking University; Naiyue Zhang School of Software and Microelectronics; Long Xiao Peking University
Building a MARC-to-OLAC Crosswalk
Christopher Hirt SIL International and Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics; Gary Simons SIL International and Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics; Joan Spanne SIL International
Building a Thailand Researcher Network Based on a Bibliographic Database
Choochart Haruechaiyasak National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC);Alisa Kongthon National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC); Santipong Thaiprayoon National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
Collaborative Digital Library: Enhancing Digital Collections to Improve Learning in Educational Programs
Ali Sajedi Badashian Islamic Azad University - Lahijan Branch; Asghar Dehghani Firouzabadi Yazd University; Iman Khalkhali Sharif University of Technology, International Campus, Kish Island; Hamidreza Afzali Islamic Azad University - Lahijan Branch; Morteza Ashurzad Delcheh Islamic Azad University - Lahijan Branch; Mohammad Shoja Shafiei Islamic Azad University - Lahijan Branch; Mahdi Alipour Islamic Azad University - Lahijan Branch
Correlation of Music Charts and Search Engine Rankings
Martin Klein Old Dominion University; Olena Hunsicker Old Dominion University; Michael L. Nelson Old Dominion University
Designing Exploratory Search Tasks for User Studies of Information Seeking Support Systems
Bill Kules The Catholic University of America; Robert Capra University of North Carolina
Developing a Review Rubric for Learning Resources in Digital Libraries
Heather Leary Utah State University; Sarah Giersch Columbia University; Andrew Walker Utah State University; Mimi Recker Utah State University
Digitizing the Flea Market Snowden Becker The University of Texas
Empirical Analysis on Chinese Academic Plagiarism
Yang Shen School of Information management, Wuhan University; Huijuan Fu School of Information Management, Wuhan University; Zitao Liu international Schoolsoftware,Wuhan University; Pengpeng Liu International School of Software,Wuhan University; Qingchuan Fu State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering,International School of Software,Wuhan University
EMU: The Emory User Behavior Data Management Systemfor Automatic Library Search Evaluation
Qi Guo Emory University; Ryan P Kelly Emory University; Selden Deemer Deemer Emory University; Arthur Murphy Emory University; Joan A Smith Emory University; Eugene Agichtein Emory University
Evaluation of OAI-ORE via Large-Scale Information Topology Visualization
Robert Sanderson University of Liverpool; Clare Llewellyn JSTOR; Richard Jones Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Expanding the Search for Digital Preservation Solutions
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh University of North Texas
Exploitation of the Wikipedia Category System for Enhancing the Value of LCSH
Yoji Kiyota University of Tokyo; Hiroshi Nakagawa University of Tokyo; Satoshi Sakai Tokyo Denki University; Tatsuya Mori Tokyo Denki University; Hidetaka Masuda Tokyo Denki University
Finding Centuries-Old Hyperlinks with a Novel Semi-Supervised Learning Technique
Xiaoyue Wang University of California Riverside; Eamonn Keogh University of California Riverside
Forging the Future
Marilyn Lutz University of Maine; Jon Ippolito University of Maine; Richard Rinehart University of California, Berkeley; Sharon Fitzgerald University of Maine
From Harvesting to Cultivating: Transformation of a Web Collecting System into A Robust Curation Environment.
Christopher Lee, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Richard Marciano, Sustainable Archives and Library Technologies Laboratory; Chien-yi Hou and Chirag Shah
GRE: Hybrid Recommendations for NSDL Collections
Todd C Will, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Anand Srinivasan New Jersey Institute of Technology; Michael Bieber New Jersey Institute of Technology; Il Im New Jersey Institute of Technology; Vincent Oria New Jersey Institute of Technology; Yi-Fang (Brook) Wu New Jersey Institute of Technology
Implementation and Evaluation of Palm Leaf Manuscript Metadata Schema (PLMM)
Nisachol Chamnongsri Khon Kaen University; Lampang Manmart Khon Kaen University; Vilas Wuwongse Asian Institute of Technology
Inferring Intra-organizational Collaboration from Cosine Similarity Distributions in Text Documents Maria Esteva University of Texas at Austin; Hai Bi Welldynamics.Inc
An Interoperability Service Framework for High-resolution Image Applications
Ryan Chute Los Alamos National Laboratory Stephan Dresher Los Alamos National Laboratory; Luda Balakireva Los Alamos National Laboratory; Herbert Van de Sompel Los Alamos National Laboratory
Inter-Search Engine Lexical Signature Performance
Martin Klein Old Dominion University; Michael L. Nelson Old Dominion University
Journal Ranking Based on Social Information
Jinlong Wang Qingdao Technological University; Ke Gao Qingdao Technological University; Yongli Ren Zhengzhou University; Gang Li Deakin University
Kindle Usage Among LIS Students:An Exploratory Study
Debbie L Rabina Pratt Institute; Maria Cristina Pattuelli Pratt Institute
The Landscape of Information Science: 1996-2008
Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan ELICO - University of Lyon 3; Eric SanJuan LIA - University of Avignon
Locating Text in Scanned Books
Chang Hu University of Maryland; Anne Rose University of Maryland; Benjamin B. Bederson University of Maryland
Mashing Up Life Science Literature Resources
Richard Easty Lancaster University; Nikolay Nikolov University of Cambridge
Metababble: A Clash of Metadata Cultures
Monica Rivero Fondren Library, Rice University; Geneva Henry Fondren Library, Rice University
MetRe: Supporting the Metadata Revision Process
Emma Tonkin
A Mixed Digital / Physical Snapshot of Early Internet / Web Usage in New Zealand Sally Jo Cunningham University of Waikato; Jillene Bydder University of Waikato
Personal Name-Matching through Name Transformation
Jun Gong Beihang University; Lidan Wang University of Maryland; Douglas W Oard University of Maryland; MetRe Emma Tonkin University of Bath
A Personalized Learning Environment
Sebastian de la Chica University of Colorado; Faisal Ahmad University of Colorado; Qianyi Gu University of Colorado; Ifi Okoye University of Colorado; Keith Maull University of Colorado; Tamara Sumner University of Colorado; Kirsten R Butcher University of Colorado
Remote Usability Testing: A Practice Sheng-Cheng Huang The University of Texas at Austin; Randolph G. Bias The University of Texas at Austin; Tanya L. Payne Vignette Corporation; Jay B. Rogers Atlassian
Representing Publication and Distribution Practices for Scholarly Materials
Phillip M. Edwards University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Scientific Digital Libraries, Interoperability, and Ontologies
J. Steven Hughes Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Daniel J. Crichton Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Chris A. Mattmann Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Selective Harvesting of Regional Digital Libraries and National Metadata Aggregators
Marcin Werla Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center; Marcin Mielnicki Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center; Cezary Mazurek Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Semantically Enriched Alerting Systems for Digital Libraries
George Buchanan, Swansea University and Annika Hinze
A Semi-Automatic System for Managing Multiple Digital Preservation Risks of Digital Libraries in China
Chao Li Tsinghua University; Chunxiao Xing Tsinghua University; Li Dong Tsinghua University; Michael Bailou Huang Stony Brook University
Species Identification: Fish Images with CBIR and Annotations
Uma Murthy Virginia Tech Edward A. Fox Virginia Tech; Yinlin Chen Virginia Tech; Eric Hallerman Virginia Tech; Ricardo da Silva Torres University of Campinas; Evandro J. Ramos University of Campinas; Tiago R. C. Falcao University of Campinas
Summarizing User-Generated Reviews in Digital Libraries: A Visual Clustering Approach
Wingyan Chung Santa Clara University
Tailoring Greenstone for Seniors
Sally Jo Cunningham University of Waikato; Erin K Bennett University of Waikato
Toward Automatic Generation of Image-Text Document Surrogates to Optimize Cognition
Eunyee Koh Adobe Systems Inc; Andruid Kerne Texas A&M University; Jon Moeller Texas A&M University
A User-Friendly Metadata Quality Control Tool for the Internet Public Library
Michael Khoo Drexel University; Xia Lin Drexel University; Jung-ran Park Drexel University
User Search Behaviors within a Library Gateway
William H Mischo University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Mary C Schlembach University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Michael A Norman University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
User Search Characteristics on a Specialized Digital Collection forDomain- and Task-Specific Information
Xiaoya Tang Emporia State University
Users' Adjustments to Unsuccessful Queries in Biomedical Search
G. Craig Murray U.S. National Library of Medicine; Jimmy Lin University of Maryland; W. John Wilbur U.S. National Library of Medicine; Zhiyong Lu U.S. National Library of Medicine
Using an Institutional Repository for Personal Digital Collections of Retired Faculty Members
Sarah Kim School of Information, the University of Texas at Austin
The Variety of Ways in which Instructors Implement a Modular Digital Library Curriculum
Barbara M. Wildemuth University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Jeffrey P. Pomerantz University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Sanghee Oh University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Seungwon Yang Virginia Tech; Edward A. Fox Virginia Tech
What Patrons Want: Supporting Interaction for Novice Information Seeking Scholars
Fernando Loizides Swansea University; George R Buchanan Swansea University