These papers will be presented during the concurrent session according to the Conference Schedules:




Data, Data Use, & Inquiry: A new point of view on data curation / Jillian Wallis; Laura Wynholds; Christine Borgman; Ashley Sands; Sharon Traweek.
Deduced Social Networks for Educational Digital Library / Monika Akbar; Clifford Shaffer; Edward Fox.
Digital Preservation and Knowledge Discovery Based on Documents from an International Health Science Program /  Dharitri Misra, Robert Hall, Susan Payne and George Thoma.
Dynamic Online Views of Meta-Indexes /  Michael Huggett; Edie Rasmussen.
Emphasis on Examining Results in Fiction Searches Contributes to Finding Good Novels / Suvi Oksanen; Pertti Vakkari.
Evaluating and Ranking Patents Using Weighted Citations / Sooyoung Oh; Zhen Lei; Prasenjit Mitra; John Yen.
Improving Algorithm Search Using the Algorithm Co-Citation Network  /  Suppawong Tuarob; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles.
Investigating Keyphrase Indexing with Text Denoising  / Rushdi Shams; Robert Mercer.
Is it Time to Change the OER Repositories Role? / Christo Dichev; Darina Dicheva .
Learning Topics and Related Passages in Books  / David Newman; Youn Noh; Kat Hagedorn; Arun Balagopalan.
Personalized Query Expansion in the QIC System / Prat Tanapaisankit; Lori Watrous-De Versterre; Min Song.
Tale of Two Studies: Is Dissemination Working? / Flora McMartin; Joe Tront; Wesley Shumar, Sarah Holsted
Teacher Sociality and Information Diffusion in Educational Digital Libraries /  Ogheneovo Dibie; Keith Maull; Tamara Sumner.
To Envisage and Design the Transition from a Digital Archive System Developed for Domain Experts to one for Non-domain Users /  Maristella Agosti; Nicola Orio.
Topic Models for Taxonomies  /  Anton Bakalov; Andrew McCallum; Hanna Wallach; David Mimno.
Visualizing Digital Collections at Archive-It  / Kalpesh Padia; Yasmin Alnoamany; Michele Weigle.
An Analysis of the Named Entity Recognition Problem in Digital Library Metadata / Nuno Freire; Jose Borbinha; PávelCalado.
Categorization of Computing Education Resources into the ACM Computing Classification System / Yinlin Chen; Paul Bogen; Edward Fox; Haowei Hsieh; Lillian Cassel.
Refactoring HUBzero for Linked Data / Michael Witt; Yongyang Yu.
Re-ranking Bibliographic Records for Personalized Library Search   /  Tadashi Nomoto.
Similar Researcher Search in Academic Environments   / Sujatha Das Gollapalli; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles.
Treating Data Like Software: A Case for Production Quality Data / Jennifer Schopf.