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George Dyson is an author and historian of technology whose publications broadly cover the evolution of technology in relation to the physical environment and the direction of society. He has written on wide topics that include the history of computing, the development of algorithms and intelligence, communication systems, space exploration, and the design of water craft. Lecturing widely at academic institutions, corporations, and high-tech conferences, Dyson gives a historical context to the evolution of technology in modern society and provides thought-provoking ideas on the directions in which technology, such as the Internet, might develop. Dyson has been a visiting lecturer and research associate at Western Washington University's Fairhaven College and was Director’s Visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, in 2002-03. He is a frequent contributor to the Edge Foundation.


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Carole Goble is a full professor in Computer Science in the University of Manchester, UK. She has an international reputation in Semantic Web, Distributed computing, and Social Computing for scientific collaboration. She is a member of the Software Sustainability Institute UK. She directs the myGrid project,, which produces the widely-used open source Taverna workflow management system; myExperiment, a social web site for sharing scientific workflows; the Biocatalogue of web services for the life sciences; and the SEEK for storing, sharing and preserving Systems Biology outcomes.

In 2008 Carole was awarded the inaugural Microsoft Jim Gray award for outstanding contributions to e-Science. In 2010 she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2012 she was nominated for the Benjamin Franklin award for open science in Biology.


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Jason Scott is an American archivist and historian of technology. He is the creator, owner and maintainer of, a website which archives files from historic bulletin board systems. He is also the creator of a 2005 documentary film about BBSes, BBS: The Documentary, and a 2010 documentary film about interactive fiction, GET LAMP. He holds a degree in mass communications with a concentration in film from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

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