1. Sponsorship:


        Our top 3 sponsorships of diamond, gold, and silver give you the opportunities to help researchers developers in the broad field of digital libraries and for them to know your organizations. Generally, sponsors earn additional benefits through marketing or networking deliverables.


  • Diamond Level $10,000 or More (Only two). Diamond sponsors earn tremendous, sales-building exposure starting with the chance to speak at the conference in your own 30-minute Solution Session.
  • Gold Level $5,000 (Only three). Gold sponsors show your market leadership with a 15-minute sponsored Solution Session.
  • Silver Level $3,000 (Open). As a silver sponsor, you will gain brand exposure in the conference program and online proceedings.


        JCDL 2018 welcomes sponsorship. Please check our sponsorship document /sites/default/files/Sponsorship-ads.pdf



        Please email Mr. Habib Abdulrahman (AbdulrahmanHabib@unt.edu) to discuss this sponsorship invitation and the level of sponsorship that would be most beneficial to you and your company.


        2. Current Sponsors:


wuhan university unt health
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