An Evaluation of Access and Use Rights for Licensed Scholarly Digital Resources

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Information Seeking in Academic Learning Environments: An Exploratory Factor Analytic Approach to Understanding Design Features

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A Performance Support Systems Approach to Digital Publishing in Libraries

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Selecting from Millions of Electronic Books

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User Perceptions of a Federated Search System

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A Tool for Teaching the Indexing of Digital Images

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Evaluating the National Science Digital Library

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Multi-linguistic Collaborative Distance Learning: From Information Translation to Knowledge Translation

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Metadata Data Dictionary for Analog Sound Recordings

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Feasibility of Developing Curriculum Standards Metadata

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On-demand Metadata Extraction Network (OMEN)

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Managing Intellectual Property Issues in a Commons of Geographic Data

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Scientific Research Groups, Digital Libraries, & Education: Metadata from Nanoscale Simulation Code

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Creating a multi disciplinary Digital Library in the 5S Framework

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An Analysis of the Bid Behavior of the 2005 JCDL Program Committee

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Supporting Biological Information Work: Research and Education for Digital Resources and Long-lived Data

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A Curated Harvesting Approach To Establishing a Multi-Protocol Online Subject Portal

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Adapting Peer Verification, Validation and Accreditation Processes for Digital Libraries

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Quantifying the Accuracy of Relational Statements in Wikipedia: A Methodology

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The Ingest and Maintenance of Electronic Records: Moving from Theory to Practice

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Browsing Affordance Designs for the Human-Centered Computing Education Digital Library

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Indexing Institutional Data to Promote Library Resource Discovery

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Keeping the Context: An Investigation in Preserving Collections of Digital Video

Christopher A. Lee Folksonomy Over Time

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Apparatus and Methods for Production of Printed Aromatic and Gustative Information

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ClaimID: A System for Personal Identity Management

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LexiURL Web Link Analysis for Digital Libraries

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NetLens: An Interface Using Iterative Query Refinement in Bipartite Network Data Model

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