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Looking for place to get a drink? Check out the list below. (Thanks to Justin Watt for the original list.)

A note about Orange County “blue laws”: Orange County requires a bar to be a “private club” if they sell hard liquor, but don’t sell food. These “clubs” require membership, which you can usually purchase at the door. So if a bouncer asks you for your membership card, just tell him/her you need to sign up for one. Yeah, annoying. (** denotes private club)

Feel free to add your own favorites!

  • Caffe Driade: tea, wine, ambiance (drive to get there) (4 1/2 stars)
  • Linda’s: cheeseburgers, beer pitcher specials, bar food (3 stars for character)
  • Four Courners: beer, bar food, go during off hours (3 stars for neon)
  • Caribou Coffee: tea, ambiance, people watching, often chilly (2 stars)
  • West End Wine Bar &amp The Cellar: wine, calm, swankish bar with pool downstairs, sit at the bar and drink $1–2 samples of everything (5 stars)
  • Lantern Bar: small, hip, get a Lychee martini (3 1/2 stars, loses cause its small)
  • The Dead Mule: Best porch in town, great scotch selection (5 stars) **
  • Top of The Hill: One of our local microbreweries, with a location that can’t be beat (4 1/2 stars)
  • Carolina Brewery: Another local microbrewery, on West Franklin. Get a Copperline. (4 stars)
  • Reservoir: Young and hip (2 stars) **
  • Carolina Coffee Shop: Has a great bar for meetings and conversation, centrally located in downtown. (4 very solid stars)
  • OCSC (Orange County Social Club): The place to go in Carrboro. Trish has the best jukebox in town. (5 stars) **
  • Hell: Go, if you dare, with a local. (2 stars) **
  • Fuse: Excellent patio and quiet West Rosemary street location make for a local favorite. (4 stars)
  • Spotted Dog. Nice bar at this Carrboro eatery. (3 1/2 stars)