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D Space BOF Dinner

Anyone up for a DSpace Birds of a Feather dinner lunch on Tuesday the 13th ? Please put your name here and (if you’re local) suggest a restaurant!

(We may just wander up to Franklin Street; lots of restaurants there. I am avoiding Monday the 12th because some restaurants may close on Mondays, and Tuesday lunch rather than dinner because Tuesday is the banquet night.)

Since lunch is provided, the easiest thing to do is probably to make sure we all sit at the same tables. I’ll bring some signs so that we know which those tables are! -DS


  • Dorothea Salo, George Mason University
  • Susan Teague Rector, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Tim Donohue, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Lester Bowser, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Susan Parham, Georgia Tech
  • Rose Smith, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Geneva Henry, Rice University (might be late; we have a paper at the end of the preceeding session)
  • MacKenzie Smith, MIT
  • Julie Griffin, Georgia Tech
  • Eric Stedfeld, NYU
  • Marie Wise, Rice University (ditto Geneva above about being late, just let us know where you are headed)
  • Robert Wolfe, MIT
  • Daqing He, Univ of Pittsburgh
  • Francesca Livermore, Colgate University
  • Romulo Rivera, Center for Governmental Studies (Los Angeles, CA)
  • John Mark Ockerbloom, Penn
  • Hong Xu, University of North Texas