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The goal of the JCDL 2006 Wiki is to provide a shared online space for people to interact about the conference program and activities, in hopes of enriching attendees’ experiences, as well as providing lasting value in comments and reviews. The wikiís structure follows that of the conference program. Each activity or listing in the conference program web pages has its own wiki link, which takes you to the wiki page specific to that program activity. Wikis by design allow everyone to add comments by editing “community” pages. Thus, anyone can contribute to a page. Examples:

  • Ask a question or comment on a paper: You can ask questions or add comments on a conference paper: before the conference so that the author can take it into consideration, during the conference like a blogger, or afterwards, to keep the conversation going. All the questions and comments are consolidated on the wiki page for that paper, making it easy to review everything relevant to that paper.
  • Suggest a Birds of a Feather dinner outing: Just post a notice on the front page for a topic. Solicit people to attend. They can sign themselves up online. Negotiate where and when to meet online.
  • Share information about attractions in Chapel Hill: Post information about fun things to do in the Chapel Hill area. Look over what others have suggested.