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Abdussalam Alawini, Leshang Chen, Susan Davidson and Gianmaria Silvello. Automating data citation: the eagle-i experience

Saeed-Ul HassanAnam Akram and Peter Haddawy. Identifying Important Citations using Contextual Information from Full Text

Felix Hamborg, Norman Meuschke and Bela Gipp. Matrix-based News Aggregation: Exploring Different News Perspectives

Martin Toepfer and Christin Seifert. Descriptor-invariant Fusion Architectures for Automatic Subject Indexing : Analysis and Empirical Results on Short Texts

Nicholas Cole, Alfie Abdul-Rahman and Grace Mallon. Quill: A Framework for Constructing Negotiated Texts – with a Case Study on the US Constitutional Convention of 1787

Federico Nanni, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Laura Dietz. Building Entity-Centric Event Collections

Abhik Jana, Sruthi Mooriyath, Animesh Mukherjee and Pawan Goyal. WikiM: Metapaths based Wikification of Scientific Abstracts

Hannah Bast and Claudius Korzen. A Benchmark and Evaluation for Text Extraction from PDF

Jan R. BenetkaKrisztian Balog and Kjetil Nørvåg. Towards Building a Knowledge Base of Monetary Transactions from a News Collection

Pavlos Fafalios, Helge Holzmann, Vaibhav Kasturia and Wolfgang Nejdl. Building and Querying Semantic Layers for Web Archives

Luca Weihs and Oren Etzioni. Learning to Predict Citation-Based Impact Measures

Eduardo Castro, Saurabh Chakravarty, Eric Williamson, Denilson Pereira and Edward Fox. Classifying Short Unstructured Data using the Apache Spark Platform

Mayank Singh, Ajay Jaiswal, Priya Shree, Arindam Pal, Animesh Mukherjee and Pawan Goyal. Understanding the Impact of Early Citers on Long-Term Scientific Impact

George Buchanan and Dana Mckay. The Lowest form of Flattery: Characterising Text Re-use and Plagiarism Patterns in a Digital Library Corpus

Abel Elekes, Martin Schäler and Klemens Böhm. On the Various Semantics of Similarity in Word Embedding Models

Justin Brunelle, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson. Archival Crawlers and JavaScript: Discover More Stuff but Crawl More Slowly

Sandipan Sikdar, Matteo Marsili, Niloy Ganguly and Animesh Mukherjee. Influence of Reviewer Interaction Network on Long-term Citations: A Case Study of the Scientific Peer-Review System of the Journal of High Energy Physics

Kresimir Duretec, Andreas Rauber and Christoph Becker. A text extraction software benchmark based on a synthesized dataset

Alexander NwalaMichael NelsonMichele WeigleAdam Ziegler and Anastasia Aizman. Local Memory Project: providing tools to build collections of stories for local events from local sources

Martin Klein and Herbert Van De Sompel. Discovering Scholarly Orphans Using ORCID

Kevin Page, Sean Bechhofer, Georgy Fazekas, David Weigl and Thomas Wilmering. Realising a Layered Digital Library: Exploration and Analysis of the Live Music Archive through Linked Data

David Bamman, Michelle Carney, Jon Gillick, Cody Hennesy and Vijitha Sridhar. Estimating the date of first publication in a large-scale digital library

Tokinori Suzuki and Atsushi Fujii. Mathematical Document Categorization with Structure of Mathematical Expressions

Short papers

Mirco Kocher and Jacques SavoyAuthor Clustering Using Spatium

Faryaneh Poursardar and Frank Shipman. What is Part of that Resource? User Expectations for Personal Archiving

Bela Gipp, Corinna Breitinger, Norman Meuschke and Joeran Beel. CryptSubmit: Introducing Securely Timestamped Manuscript Submission and Peer Review Feedback using the Blockchain

Guillaume Chiron, Antoine Doucet, Mickaël Coustaty, Muriel Visani and Jean-Philippe MoreuxImpact of OCR errors on the use of digital libraries. Towards a better access to information.

David M. Weigl, Kevin R. Page, Peter Organisciak and J. Stephen Downie. Information-Seeking in Large-Scale Digital Libraries: Strategies for Scholarly Workset Creation

Peter Darch and Ashley Sands. Uncertainty About the Long-Term: Digital Libraries, Astronomy Data, and Open Source Software

Shaobin Xu and David Smith. Retrieving and Combining Repeated Passages to Improve OCR

Weijia Xu, Maria Esteva, Deborah Beck and Yi-Hsuan Hsieh. A Portable Strategy for Preserving Web Applications and Data Functionality

Sawood AlamMat KellyMichele Weigle and Michael Nelson. Client-side Reconstruction of Composite Mementos Using ServiceWorker

Jian Wu, Sagnik Ray Choudhury, Agnese Chiatti, Chen Liang and C. Lee Giles. HESDK: A Hybrid Approach to Extracting Scientific Domain Knowledge Entities

Mayank Singh, Abhishek Niranjan, Divyansh Gupta, Nikhil Angad Bakshi, Animesh Mukherjee and Pawan Goyal. Citation sentence reuse behavior of scientists: A case study on massive bibliographic text dataset of computer science

Xiao Yang, Dafang He, Wenyi Huang, Zihan Zhou, Alexander Ororbia, Daniel Kifer and C. Lee Giles. Smart Library: Identifying Books in a Library using Richly Supervised Deep Scene Text Reading

Jaimie Murdock, Jacob Jett, Timothy W. Cole, Yu Ma, J. Stephen Downie and Beth Plale. Towards Publishing Secure Capsule-based Analysis


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