Topics of Interest

JCDL welcomes interesting submissions ranging across:

  • theories
  • systems
  • services
  • applications

We invite those:

  • managing
  • operating
  • developing
  • curating
  • evaluating
  • utilizing digital libraries broadly defined
  • covering academic or public institutions
    • including archives
    • museums
    • social networks

We seek involvement of those in iSchools, as well as working in computer or information or social sciences and technologies. Multiple tracks and sessions will ensure tailoring to researchers, practitioners, and diverse communities including:

  • data science/analytics
  • data curation/stewardship
  • information retrieval
  • human-computer interaction
  • hypertext (and Web/network science)
  • multimedia 
  • publishing, preservation
  • digital humanities
  • machine learning/AI
  • heritage/culture
  • health/medicine
  • policy
  • law
  • privacy/intellectual property

In addition to the topics above, the following are some of the many topics that will be considered relevant, as long as connections are made to digital libraries:  

  • Collaborative and participatory information environments  
  • Crowdsourcing and human computation  
  • Cyberinfrastructure architectures, applications, and deployments  
  • Distributed information systems Document genres  
  • Extracting semantics, entities, and patterns from large collections  
  • Information and knowledge systems   Information visualization  
  • Infrastructure and service design Knowledge discovery  
  • Linked data and its applications  
  • Performance evaluation  
  • Personal digital information management  
  • Scientific data management  
  • Social media, architecture, and applications  
  • Social networks, virtual organizations and networked information  
  • User behavior and modeling  
  • User communities and user research