Short Papers

An Alignment Based System for Chord Sequence Retrieval

Pierre Hanna University Bordeaux; Matthias Robine University Bordeaux; Thomas Rocher University Bordeaux


CEBBIP: A Parser of Bibliographic Information in Chinese Electronic Books

Liangcai Gao Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University; Zhi Tang Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University; Xiaofan Lin Vobile Inc.


Collecting Fragmentary Authors in a Digital Library

Monica Berti The Perseus Project - Tufts University; Matteo Romanello The Perseus Project - Tufts University; Alison Babeu The Perseus Project - Tufts University; Gregory Crane The Perseus Project - Tufts University


Designing the Reading Experience for Scanned Multi-lingual Picture Books on Mobile Phones

Benjamin B Bederson University of Maryland; Alex Quinn University of Maryland; Allison Druin University of Maryland


Developing a Flexible Content Model for Media Repositories: A Case Study

Christopher A Beer WGBH Educational Foundation; Peter D Pinch WGBH Educational Foundation; Karen Cariani WGBH Educational Foundation


Dimensional Standard Alignment in K-12 Digital Libraries: Assessment of Self-found vs. Recommended Curriculum

Byron Marshall Oregon State University; Rene Reitsma Oregon State University; Malinda Zarske University of Colorado at Boulder


Finding Topic Trends in Digital Libraries

Levent Bolelli Google Inc.; Seyda Ertekin The Pennsylvania State University; Ding Zhou Facebook Inc.; C. Lee Giles The Pennsylvania State University


A Framework for Describing Web Repositories

Frank McCown Harding University; Michael L. Nelson Old Dominion University


Helping Students with Information Fragmentation, Assimilation and Notetaking
Yolanda Jacobs Reimer University of Montana; Melissa Bubnash University of Montana; Matthew Hagedal University of Montana; Peter Wolf University of Montana


Improving Historical Research by Linking Digital Library Information to a Global Genealogical Database

Douglas J. Kennard Brigham Young University; William B. Lund Brigham Young University; Bryan S. Morse Brigham Young University


Mobility, Digital Libraries and a Rural Indian Village

Matt Jones Swansea University; Emma Thom Swansea University; David Bainbridge Waikato University; David Frohlich Surrey University


A Polyrepresentational Approach to Interactive Query Expansion

Abdigani Diriye University College London; Ann Blandford University College London; Anastasios Tombros Queen Mary University London


Preserving Digital Data in Heterogeneous Environments

Gonvalo Antunes INESC-ID; Jose Barateiro LNEC; Manuel Cabral INESC-ID; Jose Borbinha INESC-ID; Rodrigo Rodrigues Max Planck Institute for Software Systems


Recommendation as Link Prediction: A Graph Kernel-based Machine Learning Approach

Xin Li City University of Hong Kong; Hsinchun Chen University of Arizona


Robust Registration of Manuscript Images

Ryan Baumann University of Kentucky; W. Brent Seales University of Kentucky


What Happens When Facebook is Gone?

Frank McCown Harding University; Michael L. Nelson Old Dominion University


Towards a Virtual Organization for Data Cyberinfrastructure

Christine L. Borgman University of California, Los Angeles; Geoffrey C. Bowker Santa Clara University; Thomas A. Finholt University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Jillian C. Wallis University of Calfornia, Los Angeles


Unsupervised Creation of Small World Networks for the Preservation of Digital Objects

Charles L Cartledge Old Dominion University; Michael L. Nelson Old Dominion University