Dynamic Online Views of Meta-Indexes   
Michael Huggett; Edie Rasmussen

For a collection of digitized monographs in a subject domain, a domain meta-index provides a summary of domain concepts, and a structured vocabulary to support a scholar’s navigation and search. We present a prototype of a Meta-index User Interface (MUI) that provides views of a domain at three levels: summarizing and comparing domains, exposing the regularities of a domain’s vocabulary, and displaying book information and page content related both to objectively-representative books, and to specific user searches.

Topic Models for Taxonomies    
Anton Bakalov; Andrew McCallum; Hanna Wallach; David Mimno

Concept taxonomies such as MeSH, the ACM Computing Classifcation System and the NY Times Subject Headings are frequently used to help organize data. They typically consist of a set of concept names organized in a hierarchy. However, these names and structure are often not sufficient to fully capture the intended meaning of a taxonomy node, and particularly non-experts may have difficulty navigating and placing data into the taxonomy. This paper introduces two semi-supervised topic models that automatically augment a given taxonomy with many additional keywords by leveraging a corpus of multi-labeled documents. Our experiments show that users nd the topics benecial for taxonomy interpretation, substantially increasing their cataloging accuracy. Furthermore, the models provide a better information rate compared to Labeled LDA.